Rudy Project

Written by Sierra Rein
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Rudy Project is an eyewear and sunglasses company who actively engages current and up to date scientific discoveries to enhance the design and manufacture process of its products. The company uses computerized imaging systems to create high-tech sunglasses, helmets and goggles for a variety of applications. It also offers the public one of the clearest eyewear guarantees in the business and stands by its product for years of wear and worth.

Italian designer Rudy Barbazza founded the Rudy Project in 1985. His vision was to create athletic accessories for every level of competition and to sponsor sporting events across the world. Many athletic stars have worn Rudy Project sunglasses over the years, including Miguel Indurain, Abraham Olano, Spencer Smith and Jan Ullrich.

Indeed, these sunglasses have even been employed by the prestigious Tour De France competition for a collaborative effort. Rudy Project offered the race staff company glasses and has even created a new line of glasses (consisting of five unique models) just for the Tour De France. These are sold through the Rudy Project website and retail stores as well as the illustrious Boutique du Tour during the race time itself.

The Advanced Materials of Rudy Project Glasses

All Rudy Project sunglasses and goggles are made of at least one of many high-tech materials. For lightweight sports sunglasses, thermoplastic Grilamid TR 55/90LX is used to make them resistant to shock and stable on the frame of the face. Titanium is another popular lightweight material made primarily of metal and is utilized for rust and corrosion-resistant frames. Another example is the rubber Megol, a material found on nose pads and temple tips because of its allergenic, elastic, and slip-free nature.

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