Rudy Project Eyewear

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are two main type of Rudy Project eyewear: sunglasses and sports goggles. RP sunglasses are available in an almost limitless number of colors, frame styles, lenses and sizes. All of them are fitted with at least one of Rudy Project's patented lens and frame-enhancing technologies. These include the Ergonose adjustable bridge system, the Quick Change lens technology (which allows a simple snap to remove and refit lenses into the frames), lateral vent holes to keep fogging to a minimum, and the T-Lock securing system that adjusts sunglasses' Megol-rubber temple tips to the head for a more secure fit.

Some Rudy Project eyewear pieces are designed with specific types of sports in mind. For example, the Freeon, Kerosene, Perception, Rydon and Ketyum families all have "Golf" models that are made especially for golf and tennis players. These are equipped with a number of different features, from lenses that offer the largest field of vision possible to those that adjust to changing light conditions. These make great gifts and can be purchased alongside Rudy Project golf socks, sports umbrellas, and golf bags for a full package.

Rudy Project Goggles: For the Rougher Sports

When it comes to goggles, sports enthusiasts must choice from ski or water masks. Rudy Project ski goggles are made with DL (double lens) technology that provides total protection from UV rays and have been proven to effectively help athletes reduce their reaction times. The lenses are treated with a hydro-repellent filter that prevents fogging and offers great visual range in poor lighting conditions. This is especially applicable to flat snow light conditions or when haze and fog threaten to cause accidents and poor visual judgment.

The Ekynox Water goggle is the hydro version of the popular lightweight Ekynox ski goggle. The Ekynox Water features either blue or transparent hydrophobic lenses and a neoprene-coated frame for extra comfort. These water goggles are great for sailors, surfers, swimming coaches and lifeguards, and anyone else who enjoys engagement in the water. However, they are not designed for full immersion and are inappropriate for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

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