Rudy Project Sunglasses

Written by Sierra Rein
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All Rudy Project sunglass lenses are made of RP Optics polycarbonate. This material is pressure injected into form, making it incredibly strong and resistant to wear and tear. They are calculated to reach almost 800 bars and provide the wearer with as much compacted UV protection as they can. One of the most appreciated elements of the Rudy Project sunglasses guarantee is that if, for any reason, one of the lenses gets scratched, the company will replace the lenses for free after a payment for shipping and handling.

These sunglasses are also designed to reduce eye fatigue and glare from oncoming sun rays and reflections. Each lens is treated with RP-D-Centered technologies to permit maximum use of its curvature, resulting in visual quality and clarity. Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, or who works or plays near snow or waves, can improve their daylight vision and take full advantage of these sunglasses.

Rudy Project sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses either with an optical insert or with a direct in-frame option. The Rydon, Ekynox SX, Ekynox, Kerosene, Skeey, RB3 and Perception models can be equipped with a prescribed "Snap-In, Snap-Out" insert. On the other hand, the Graal, Fobos, Metys, Poonga, Kubo, Keja and Tretoky family lines can be ordered and purchased directly from the company with prescription lenses already installed.

The Right Size Rudy Project Sunglasses for the Right Fit

A few Rudy Project models are designed specifically for small faces, including children, teenagers and young adults. The Graal SX, for example, weighs only 21 grams and is equipped with temple tips that are adjustable in 360° different directions of comfort. All the smaller sunglasses, like their larger counterparts, come with three sets of replacement lenses and are compatible with all Rudy Project adjustable straps.

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