Seiko Stopwatches

Written by Sierra Rein
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In 1963, Seiko developed the first portable quartz chronometer. In the decades to come, the company would be considered one of the finest manufacturers of stopwatches in the world. In 1964 and 1972, Seiko was named the Official Timer of the Tokyo Summer and Winter Olympics and took the same honor in a number of World Cup Championships (Argentina, 1978; Spain, 1982; Mexico, 1986). It continued this title on to subsequent Summer and Winter Olympics, one of the most recent being the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thus, Seiko stopwatches have a long and illustrious history of honor and pride behind them. Seiko chronographs can be used for virtually any sport training and contain an almost staggering number of different options to choose from. They are employed for professional training sessions, high school and university meets and competitions, and for regular folk who simply wish to up their own ante and beat their personal best. Most of them contain memory operations to store ten to 100 hours of lap and split time and have multiple event memory recall for more than one player.

Seiko Stopwatches in the 21st Century

One of the most unique lines of Seiko stopwatches is the print-ready model. For example, the S143 and S123 stopwatches can connect to a separate Seiko SP12 printer to create paper archives of everyone's lap and split times. The Seiko S149 Stopwatch/Printer unit is an integrated system that can actually print the results of any split/lap time onto a thin piece of paper at a rate of 1.5 lines per second. The year, month, date and time are automatically included in the printout. These kinds of stopwatches are great if the coach wishes to hand out results immediately to his team members to give them tangible reminders of their best (and worst) times of the day.

Another advanced Seiko stopwatch is the Super Athlete Watch model, which is considered Seiko's first athletic wristwatch. Not only does it store up to 300 split or lap times, but it can also connect to a PC and upload all of its memorized data onto an integrated software system. This software is designed to generate Microsoft Excel-compatible text files that provide easy to read results of all important athletic performance information. As it is water resistant to ten bars of pressure, this stopwatch is also a great timepiece alternative for swimming and boating enthusiasts.

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