Serengeti Sunglasses

Written by Sierra Rein
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Serengeti sunglasses are designed to provide their wearers with the most effective protective and anti-glare lenses on the market. For this, sports athletes, extreme outdoor enthusiasts and military professionals around the world use them. On the other hand, these sunglasses are also very popular for their high style and range of frame designs and can be worn in cities and at neighborhood picnics as well.

There are several models of Serengeti sunglasses to choose from. For example, Serengeti Drivers sunglasses are coated with an anti-reflective material that reduces glare and reverse reflection. They also utilize Serengeti's patented "Spectral Control System" to enhance visual contrast and help any driver reduce his or her level of eye fatigue.

The Drivers Gradient Serengeti model provides anti-glare blockage towards the top of the lens, while the bottom is left clear to allow an unobstructed view of anything below eye line level. These sunglasses are great for drivers, airplane pilots, or anyone who needs to both protect their eyes from the glare of the sun and have all of his or her controls completely visible. The Gradient style is one of the most popular lines of sunglasses amongst military personnel and commercial airline employees.

Serengeti Sunglasses for Athletic Types

Sports fans and players enjoy wearing Serengeti Sedona sunglasses for their adjustability in any daylight condition. The rose-colored lenses are capable of preventing glare even when the light is flat, while double-gradient reflectors fight glare from both forward and reverse angles. For this, a lot of golfers, skiers, and boating fanatics enjoy wearing the Sedona style. These athletes appreciate the fact that the high glare of the white snow and the high contrast of the sun reflecting in the water's waves can both be effectively blocked throughout the day.

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