Shoulder Ice Packs

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Pitchers, volleyball players and a variety of other athletes can all attest to the mixed blessing that is the shoulder ice pack. They are complicated, time consuming, and are very, very cold. They are also invaluable in healing and preventing shoulder injuries for elite athletes as well as anyone who has shoulder pain resulting from activity.

A shoulder injury need not be acquired from pitching a shutout against your cross-town rival. It can just as easily happen from painting the garage or changing a hard-to-reach light bulb. The complicated figure-eight procedure necessary to secure ice packs to a shoulder with an elastic bandage can't be performed by the injured party and is beyond the skill level of most non-injured people.

Let the Weight of the World Fall away from Your Shoulders

Luckily, for the millions of people who suffer from shoulder pain that have no access to an athletic trainer, there are cold compression braces designed for the shoulder that are simple to use. These neoprene braces have a liquid gel core that can be frozen to offer about 20 minutes of pain-relieving cold therapy. And unlike bandages and bags of ice, these braces can be put on without the aid of others--and they don't leak.

These shoulder ice packs can be put on after any kind of physical labor, at work or around the house. Even if you rarely have shoulder pain, applying cold therapy after activity can help prevent future injuries as well. After the cold wears off, the steady compression offered by these devices can be used for joint support, until it's time to put the brace in the freezer again for your next session.

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