Slowpitch Softball

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many companies sign up for slowpitch softball leagues to build camaraderie among employees, show workers that they care about them as people, and also just to have some fun after work. Playing sports together is a bonding experience, and few activities develop company pride quite like athletics. Adult slowpitch softball leagues are enjoyable for everyone involved, because even novices can get hits when the pitcher lobs the ball to home plate.

The scores from adult-league games will not show up in any newspapers, but the players' competitive spirits drive them to play hard, and close games do get intense. However, even last-placed teams have fun. It is not uncommon for teams to use adult softball games as another form of happy hour. Players show up with coolers packed with ice and their favorite beverages. Sometimes food is served, and it becomes as much of a party as an athletic contest.

Slowpitch Softball Equipment

When playing defense, everyone needs a mitt and a uniform, which usually consists of pants, a shirt, and a baseball cap. While not required, sunglasses are a strongly recommended item for playing defense. The sun blinds players looking skyward as they try to judge fly balls. Nearly all Major League Baseball players wear shades in the outfield.

Some slowpitch softball players also wear cleats and batting gloves. Cleats help every aspect of the game, as they provide the traction needed for leverage when hitting, throwing, and running. On loose dirt, sneakers can feel like ice skates. Batting gloves help hitters grip their bats. Moreover, without gloves, hitters develop blisters on their hands from swinging the bat.

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