Softball Batting Gloves

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Those who play the sport know that softball batting gloves save hands. This is especially true when visiting the batting cage. As with any athletic movement, repetition is the only way to perfect a softball swing. However, consistently swinging a bat results in blistered skin.

Luckily for athletes, softball batting gloves allow players to practice their swings as often as they like without the friction of their bat handles tearing off their skin. Ideally, batting gloves are soft, fit the hands snugly, and have an almost sticky surface that enables hitter to grip their bats firmly.

Softball Batting Gloves Improve Performance

Nothing hinders performance quite like pain. No matter how strong-minded an athlete is, shying away from pain is a reflex reaction. Hence, when athletes have blisters on their hands, they will not swing as confidently or decisively as they would while wearing top-of-the-line softball batting gloves. It is important to wear hitting gloves before blisters develop, not as a band-aids to wounds that have already formed.

Major League hitters wear batting gloves for a reason. They work! When playing competitively, athletes grip their bats harder, swing faster, and don't have time to nurse nagging injuries such as blisters and torn skin. While gloves, obviously, do not improve the hand-eye coordination and bat-speed that all great hitters possess, they do allow batters to live up to their potential.

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