Sports Accessories

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies that sell sporting equipment often sell sports accessories as well. This includes wrist bands, head bands, baseball caps, tee shirts, and much more. While athletes can buy only the minimum required items, most purchase other things also.

Tennis and baseball players often wear wrist bands to prevent excess sweat from rolling down their arms and onto their palms, affecting their gripping ability. Headbands are also popular, as they prevent perspiration from dripping into an athlete's eyes. Along with leg bands, these sports accessories are sometimes worn as fashion statements.

People who play outdoor sports, especially tennis, baseball, and softball, find sunglasses to be an indispensable item. Judging a pop fly while the sun glares in an outfielder's eyes is not easy and can seriously damage the player's vision. Before buying sunglasses, athletes should make sure that what they are buying provides 100% UVA protection. Ultra-violet rays cause cataracts.

Sports Accessories for Safety

Batting gloves and extra cushioning for shoes are sports accessories that prevent blisters. Moreover, high-performance foot pads help absorb shock, which affects nearly every joint in an athlete's body. Toe protectors for baseball and softball players are accessories used by nearly every Major League Baseball pitcher.

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