Sports Clothing

Written by Gregg Ruais
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All athletes have a collection of sports clothing that they accumulate from years of competing. These comfortable clothes are used for many purposes, such as uniforms worn on the playing field, pajamas, or even street clothes. Warm-up sweat pants, jerseys, shorts, and tee shirts are standard wardrobe accessories for any athlete.

Many people like to wear clothes that promote certain companies whose products they often use. Other examples include professional and college team paraphernalia. Sports clothing that athletes wear while training or competing is usually so comfortable that players often wear these articles around the house, to the grocery store, and even to bed.

The most popular sports clothing can be several times more expensive than similar items made by other companies. A brand-name shirt may be worn as a fashion statement, but apparel produced by lesser known companies are often of higher quality and less expensive at the same time. Items that nearly all sportswear companies produce include wrist bands, head bands, shorts, and much more.

Sports Clothing for Training

The clothes an athlete wears during training should breathe well. Articles that are 100 percent cotton are ideal, especially for tee shirts and socks. Nobody wants to get their best clothes sweaty, so training apparel should be relatively inexpensive.

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