Sports Training Aids

Written by Sierra Rein
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Ever since the ancient Olympics were held in Greece, athletes have used sports training aids to help them develop muscles, increase their reaction times, and continue the struggle to beat their own personal records. In the past, these training aids took the form of wood and stone weights, sand and sun dials for measuring time periods, and body oils and sand to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Today, dumbbells, stopwatches, and bottles of waterproof sunscreen have replaced these archaic items.

Sports training aids are meant to enhance, not replace, the athlete's involvement in the particular sport he or she is a part of. Protective and preventative gear--like helmets, mouth guards and stretching machines--help athletes train with the knowledge that there is a lessened possibility of external and internal injuries. Sports sunglasses are designed to cut down glare and help coaches and team members train outside on sunny or bright days, while athletic goggles help skiers and swimmers perform at optimum speed without the worry of water or airborne particles getting into their eyes.

Measurement aids, like stopwatches, chronometers and heart rate monitors, allow sports players the chance to get an instant readout of their current performance numbers. These units record and digitally remember an athlete's speed, distance, rate of movement and heart rate over a specific amount of hours or minutes, or as an average over an entire training day, week or month. After writing or printing out all of this data, a fitness instructor can recognize an individual's personal progress and develop even more strengthening or endurance plans for him in the future.

Discovering the Results with Weight and Fat-Measuring Sports Training Aids

For many athletes, especially swimmers and body builders, it is essential to watch the percentage of fat (as compared with one's weight and height). Body fat monitors are great for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people on weight loss regiments who wish to take a daily measurement of their progress each morning. The simple fat-measuring devices can display both weight and fat percentages at the same time, while more complicated machines can also provide water percentages, regular caloric intake rates, and health range indicators at the push of a button.

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