Tanita Scales

Written by Sierra Rein
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Tanita scales are professional-grade body composition analyzers designed for both industrial and consumer use. They can be found in the offices of fitness gurus and personal trainers in addition to personal bathrooms and bedrooms. They can take weights from 300 to 330 pounds and provide fat percentage readings in 0.1 percent increments. Some models designed for families can provide personal data storage and are able to memorize the weight, body fat, daily caloric intake, and hydration levels of up to four different individuals.

Tanita scales come with three very distinct internal body type mode options: adult mode, child mode and athlete mode. It is important that the user be honest and chooses which mode more closely represents his or her personal profile; otherwise, a faulty body fat reading may result. The adult mode is designed for people over the age of 18 who lead slightly active to sedentary lifestyles. The child more should only be used by children over 107 centimeters (three and a half feet) tall who are still going through the growth process and are not necessarily considered actively athletic. Tanita considers anyone who performs less than 10 hours of intense physical activity a week at least "moderately active," and those who take part in little to no activity as "inactive."

Any person who spends at least an average of 10 hours of exercise can be considered "athletic" and can use any Tanita scale set in athlete mode. Specifically, this mode is meant for athletes who have had years of constant conditioning and who have a natural resting heart rate of around 60 beats per minute or less. However, it is not meant for professional athletes who train and compete more than three to four hours a day, or for body builders who have a disproportionate amount of muscle (compared to the average person). It is recommended that people who lead extremely athletic lifestyles find other body fat scales designed particularly for their purpose.

The Most Popular of All Tanita Scales

The TBF-558 Family Model was once voted "Best Overall Body Fat Scale" by the Wall Street Journal. It can memorize four unique personal profiles yet have an optional "Guest Mode" for visitors to check their weight and body fat without memorization. The "Healthy Range Feature" can be utilized to compare a personalized profile with Tanita's Healthy Body Fat Range Chart (resulting in a "fat," "healthy," "over fat" or "obese" reading). It can also estimate the current average resting caloric intake of a user to help him or her adjust his daily diet to either maintain, reduce or increase body weight. With all this information, the TBF-558 Family Model can help everyone in the house, dorm room, gym or apartment become more informed and pro-active about their health.

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