Tennis Elbow Relief

Written by Devin Flanigan
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A repetitive stress disorder--which tennis elbow can be--is a particularly painful sort of soft-tissue injury. Precisely because it involves a motion we perform repeatedly, it is hard to avoid aggravating the condition and thus increasing our pain. There is relief available, however, for tennis elbow sufferers and it comes in many forms.

Chronic tennis elbow should be looked at by a doctor with some knowledge of orthopedics. Only a physician can prescribe the more powerful anti-inflammatory medicines that will help reduce pain and swelling. The doctor will also doubtlessly recommend rest, which is something those with tennis elbow should already be doing.

Common Condition, Uncommon Relief

In the first stage of acute tennis elbow, the recommended protocol involves rest, cold therapy, compression, and elevation. This will help to reduce the initial impact of the injury and limit pain and stiffness to some degree. As healing progresses, cold therapy should be followed by some movement exercises, and eventually heat therapy will be added to the mix as well.

Cold therapy for tennis elbow can be achieved with a cold therapy compression brace, which also adds comfort and stability. Another easy solution is to give your elbow an ice massage using a frozen paper cup full of water. Use a circular motion to massage the ice directly onto the skin, and as the ice melts away, simply tear off the paper to expose more.

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