Timex Bodylink

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Timex Bodylink System is comprised of four instruments that, when used together, can collect and analyze an athlete's personal fitness information. This information can become incredibly useful for weight loss, tracking speed and pace, and meeting personal daily goals. Professionals and fitness enthusiasts become fully educated about their bodies with the use of a system like the Timex Bodylink and use this information to make their workout plans more effective.

The four instruments that make up the Timex Bodylink System are: a performance monitor, a heart rate monitor, a speed and distance GPS sensor and a data recorder in the form of a wristwatch. The performance monitor features a 100-hour chronograph that can measure time by laps. It has a battery life of two years and can alert the user if targeted zones (pace, heart rate, speed or distance) are met.

The Bodylink heart rate monitor is placed on the chest to transmit to the data recorder the exact speed of the heart's beat per minute. To deal with sweat, the sensor is water resistant and the elastic straps are comfortable to wear. This monitor is instrumental in helping people who wish to lose weight stay within their own personal fat burning heart rate zone.

The GPS Sensor Keeps You Safe

The sensor of the Bodylink System is connected with a satellite-tracking network to accurately measure the speed and traveling distance of an athlete's run or the path of a moving ship. When the sky is clear, the GPS sensor offers 99 percent reliability. It can display measurements to its user in either metric, English or nautical units.

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