Timex Ironman

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Timex Ironman line of watches is specifically designed for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone eager to set their own pace. These watches are made to be both durable and attractive, and include almost every feature known to the average digital timepiece. However, an Ironman watch also offers a wide range of chronograph features that can help a runner find his or her exact pace and lap rate.

For instance, the Dress Ironman is made of stainless steel and is resistant to water to depths under 100 meters. It also features a chronograph that can measure 1/20th seconds, minutes, and seconds. The watch-face can be illuminated quickly with an INDIGLO night-light and the time zone can be instantly switched with a push of a button. This watch is great for travelers who wish to have the comfort and ease of a regular alarm watch and also wish to have the ability to test their speed and endurance on morning runs to and from the hotel.

The Ultimate Timex Ironman Fitness Watches

The Timex Ironman Sleek and Lap watches offers more advanced ways of collecting athletic chronographic information. The Sleek watch is a full-sized timepiece that has the ability to memorize up to 100 hours of laps within a 1/100 second resolution. It also includes a 200-lap, split and workout memory function that can be combined with an on-screen training log. This log can display the best, average and weekly lap rates and help the athlete to discover his or her personal best.

The Lap model of Timex watches, also known as the "Ironman Triathlon," has a 30-lap and 30-split memory and a 99-lap counter. Like the Sleek model, this watch has an internal chronograph that can be used for 100 hours at a time with 1/100 second resolution. It can be set to two different time zones and includes a 24-hour countdown timer that can be set to two separate modes (countdown-stop and countdown-repeat). The Ironman Lap is a more economical, simpler version of the Ironman Sleek watch, yet still provides the athlete with many helpful chronograph and alarm-set features.

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