Timex Watches

Written by Sierra Rein
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The most recognizable element of all Timex watches is their company's motto: "Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!" Timex watches have the reputation of being some of the most rugged and durable of all American-made timepieces. The company was one of the first watch companies to make "disposable" watches by sealing the watchcases completely. This meant that, although Timex watches cannot be opened up and repaired, there was no way for dust and other contaminants to wear away at the internal moving parts. Timex watches are also devoid of jewels, which can often break easily in a more expensive brand of watch.

The History of Timex Watches

The Timex Corporation first began as the Waterbury Clock Company in the 1850s. At that time, the company was creating affordable mantel clocks for middle and working-class Americans. Soon the company began making pocket watches and distributing them to far-off places like Europe, Africa and even Japan. The most successful pocket watch, called the "Yankee," was marketed by Robert H. Ingersoll and sold to 40 million people, including Mark Twain himself.

In the 1950s, a television marketing campaign began extolling the Timex as an inexpensive yet reliable watch and featured shots of these watches being put through an extensive set of durability tests. This campaign, and the design of the watches themselves, proved to be so effective that one in three watches purchased in the late 1950s was a Timex. And the trend never stopped: over 500 million Timex watches were sold to the American and International public by 1975.

In more recent years, Timex watches have become more sophisticated and user-friendly. Some Timex pieces are designed for the business traveler, while others feature chronograph capabilities. The INDIGLO feature (a hologram-based night-light that can be switched on with a button) can be found in 75 percent of all Timex watches, and some styles are equipped with "Data Link" technology. This Microsoft-based software transforms the watch into a personal desk replete with a traveling digital calendar, scheduler, virtual phone number "Rolodex" and space for personal information storage.

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