Toys For Baby

Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you have a new baby, or there's one on the way, one of the most fun items to buy are toys for baby. Toys are irresistible to us adults. Probably because we indulge our need to play vicariously through babies and small children. Whatever the reason, many well meaning and doting adults buy totally impractical, and sometimes downright unsuitable toys for baby.

So, there are a few rules to follow when buying toys for baby, whether yours or someone else's. To begin with, never buy any toys for baby that have small removable parts that may be swallowed by baby. This type of toy is actually a serious health hazard, and the dangers cannot be stressed enough.

Unseen Hazards

Other dangers to look for when buying toys for baby are toys that contain any kind of liquid. This most often applies to toys imported from the Far East. Sometimes the liquid has been found to be contaminated, and sometimes it can even be poisonous. Likewise, take care if you're buying anything that has been painted. Lead-based paints are still used in some third world countries, and lead can cause mental retardation, so that's quite serious too.

Of course, any toys for baby that have moving parts should be examined carefully. Will small fingers get trapped? Are there any sharp edges? Look at it this way; wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry with your precious baby?

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