Trikke 8

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many people have difficulty when first describing the Trikke 8 to others. Although it is similar to a razor scooter in size and style, it has three wheels instead of two. To visualize this, imagine the standing platform of a razor has been split into a "V" with the controlling rod at its apex. The rider places one foot on each of these two platforms and holds onto the handles for stability.

The most unique aspect of the Trikke 8 is that it requires no pedaling, pushing or batteries to create momentum. Instead, the rider creates a side-to-side movement in his feet and legs, much like an in-line skater would do. The Trikke's cambering mechanism works with this movement to propel the vehicle forward without destabilization. Fitness enthusiasts recommend using it as a source for both cardio and lower body workouts.

Performance Speed and Safety of the Trikke 8

Despite its simple design, the Trikke 8 can get up to 18 miles per hour in speed and can usually reach cruise at an even 12 miles per hour. It can be folded into a compact 11 inches in height by 49 inches in length. This, plus the fact that it weighs only 19 pounds, makes it ideal for day trips and traveling vacation plans.

The Los Angeles Safety Foundation has rated the Trikke 8 as the safest type of wheeled vehicle to be found on the road today. The machine features dual rear breaks that complement the already stable three-wheeled bearing. The rider has the ability to control each brake independently of each other, a fact that makes it a favorite among trick riders. The Trikke is easy to learn and is deemed safe enough for children and adults of all ages to ride.

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