Turf Shoes

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Turf shoes are designed to give athletes the ultimate traction on artificial turf. Football, lacrosse, soccer, and rugby are all fast-paced sports that are often played on artificial surfaces. These surfaces are harder than regular grass and tend to be much less slippery. Turf can feel more like concrete or wooden floors than actual grass.

While the footing on artificial grass is superior to that of natural playing fields, athletes still require special turf shoes to maximize the ability to stop short, make cuts, and accelerate. Turf cleats have a higher quantity of spikes than cleats designed for competition on grass, but these protrusions are much shorter in length, sometimes as short as one quarter of an inch. Because turf itself has practically no vertical length, long spikes are unnecessary.

Turf Shoes That Prevent Injury

Artificial playing fields cost less money to maintain than regular grass fields, which explains their popularity. However, the single most common complaint against these hard surfaces is that they cause injuries. They don't give enough, which results in extra wear and tear on bones and joints. In addition, the traction is often too good, which can lead to pulled tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

The most effective turf shoes are designed to counterbalance these negative aspects of fake playing fields. Shoes should provide ample interior cushioning, which helps absorb the shock of landing on a hard surface. In addition, the most athlete-friendly cleats allow planted feet to pivot, which helps prevent shoes from actually getting stuck in the turf.

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