Universal Wraps

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Many individuals are all too well aware of the body part that tends to give him or her the hardest time--be it a trick knee, wobbly ankle, or aching back. However, many times an unexpected accident will start a whole new world of pain in some heretofore-peaceful body part. Joint-specific wraps are ideal for recurring problems, but universal wraps are flexible enough to handle any job.

Rather than conforming to the shape of an ankle or shoulder, universal wraps are usually long and rectangular in shape and can be applied to almost any area of the body. Made out of the same durable neoprene as the other wraps, universal wraps are able to deliver cold therapy--and sometimes moist heat therapy--to the areas that need it. Velcro straps secure the two ends together to keep the wrap firmly in place while in use.

Protective Wraps--A Universal Soldier

These multi-purpose wraps are perfect to have around if you are lucky enough to have no recurring joint or body pain. They can be kept in the freezer waiting to be called up for duty when pain or injury occurs. If you do already have an ankle or shoulder wrap, a universal wrap can be useful for those times when you need therapy in more than one place.

There is an obvious economic advantage to this one-size-fits-all solution, but that should not deter someone from choosing the right brace or braces for herself. The best wrap for an ankle will always be an ankle wrap, so those with recurring problems should invest in a joint-specific product. However, a universal wrap can be very useful to have in addition to your main brace, be it as a spare, back-up or travel wrap.

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