Volleyball Nets

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The first choice you'll have to make when you buy volleyball nets is if you want an indoor, or an outdoor version. If you want an outdoor net, you can even use it on the beach. How much you're going to pay depends on the quality you want. For a couple of hundred dollars you can get the same quality outdoor volleyball nets the professionals use.

Professional quality volleyball nets are a good investment. They'll be with you for a decent amount of time and you won't have trouble with snapping cables as professional quality outdoor volleyball nets have steel aircraft cables. Professional quality volleyball nets also have heavier gauge nylon netting that won't tear easily.

Prices Of Volleyball Nets

If you're budget is limited, you can get an outdoor volleyball net for under a hundred dollars, and there are plenty of excellent choices in between. Although the specifications are different, the prices of indoor volleyball nets are very similar, so that for about $200 you can get a great professional quality net. At the bottom end of the scale you can get indoor volleyball nets for around $70, although they won't be as robust as the professional quality.

Whatever type of volleyball nets you're after, you can get all the accessories you need at little cost from the same supplier. Both indoor and outdoor volleyball nets come in a range of colors to suit your surrounding and preference. You can also buy intermediate volleyball nets for use by youth volleyball teams.

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