Wrist Wraps

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Wrist pain can plague everyone from tennis players to golfers to gardeners; it does not discriminate based on the type of repetitive activity that triggers it. Using the wrong hand position at a keyboard can harm your wrist just as easily as throwing a ball can. The key to soothing and preventing wrist injuries is a good wrist wrap.

Football players get wrist tape wraps before games in order to stabilize the joint that they rest on while at the line of scrimmage. Many gymnasts and wrestlers require complex wraps that incorporate the thumb and hand as well. Most average people whose wrist pain arises from work or recreational activities do not have the luxury of a trainer to create a custom wrist wrap for them.

Modern Compression Braces Fit Like a Glove

Luckily, modern compression braces provide the same kind of support and comfort that custom tape jobs do. These neoprene wraps conform to the contours of the wrist, offering gentle pressure and support. Worn during activity, they can inhibit hyperflexion and hyperextension movements that cause damage to the wrist.

Many of these wrist wraps are also cold compression braces, meaning that they possess a liquid gel core that freezes to offer cold therapy to its wearer. You might want to consider buying two neoprene wrist wraps, one to wear during activity, and one to have waiting frozen for when your activity is completed. Whatever method you choose, wrist wraps can go a long way towards making sure you are always ready for work and play.

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