Youth Baseball Equipment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One of the major questions concerning youth baseball equipment continues to be, "Should we buy aluminum or wood bats?" There are arguments for both types of bat, but when it comes down to it, an aluminum baseball bat will give kids a false sense of achievement. Although wood is so much heavier, it can foster better bat control and ultimately will prepare a young player better for life after little league.

Another trick for little league, is that by using a wood bat for practice, speed and agility will be improved considerably, so that when you use an aluminum bat for the game, your players will be faster than they were during practice! An aluminum bat that is too light will cause hitters to lose control, so bear that in mind when choosing your aluminum bat.

Don't Forget The Protection

Other youth baseball equipment includes, of course, gloves, hats and sweaters. Chest protection and face masks are also important items. A pitching machine is a big, but necessary investment, unless you are of the opinion that pitching machines shouldn't be used. If you need a pitching machine, the type you choose will depend on the age of players.

When you're choosing your youth baseball equipment, don't forget balls! To a pitcher, the way the ball is made can make a lot of difference. But at the level of youth baseball, you'll probably be safe with just about any well-constructed ball that meets regulations.

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