Zeiss Conquest

Written by Kevin Little
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The Zeiss Conquest scopes have taken things where other companies can only dream of going. They have managed to pair create scopes without the use of lead and opting instead for glass components. Their attention to the smallest details mean that you are not unduly exposed to the negative affects of arsenic or lead.

Understanding the Zeiss Conquest Difference

With advancements that increase user safety, Zeiss has also seen fit to focus on performance issues. Providing the widest field of vision is something that Zeiss has held as their main objective with the Conquest line. Everything from bird watching to prey stalking is made more successful when you can see more.

The single tube construction of the Conquest scopes makes it especially resilient. You don't have to worry that any damage will occur while your scope is rumbling around with other gear in your bag. These optical spotting scopes are built to go anywhere with you and perform under the most extreme of conditions.

The Zeiss Conquest scopes are the favorites of many avid hunters and nature lovers. One great way to size them up is to compare them against other top sellers like Burris rifle scopes and Bushnell Optics. Knowledge is a shopper's most virulent tool against buyer's remorse.

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