Autographed Baseball Jerseys

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Autographed baseball jerseys freeze moments in sports history that continue to make ESPN's list of most memorable plays. From Bobby Thompson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" off Ralph Branca to Willie Mays's basket grab off Vic Wertz's liner to center, some of the most compelling moments in the history of our national pastime live on in autographed baseball jerseys.

In some cases, such as individual feats like home runs and diving grabs, a lone signature will suffice. In other instances, autographed baseball jerseys must bear the markings of everyone down to the bat boy for a team's achievement to be forever enshrined on a shirt (or, for that matter, a poster, a football, or a pennant). For the most part, each autograph that's added to the article boosts its value even more, unless, of course, the piece is missing a signature or two.

Popular Autographed Jerseys

Don't confuse the player jerseys you see worn by fans at stadiums and memorabilia conventions with those that fetch top dollar at auction. There may be a plentitude of McGwires, Bondses, Sosas, and Randy Johnsons out there, but few if any of these jerseys are signed by the player whose personage some nine-year-old kid is invoking. Anyone who'd wear his or her Griffey-signed game jersey to the ballpark and subject it to the hazards of ketchup, mustard, and beer is crazy.

To be fair, many autographed baseball jerseys bear the factory-stamped signatures of the players who wear their numbers, which is a fine way to show off your apparel without jeopardizing its condition. Look around, and you'll see hordes of Pujolses, "A-rods," Jeters, and Suzukis throughout stadiums from coast to coast. Were any of these stars to agree to sign said jerseys, the next move would be to whisk them away to the safety of your car and later have them framed and hung.

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