Autographed Baseball Shirts

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There are markedly different types of autographed baseball shirts. On the one hand, there are T-shirts, many of which feature the faces or action shots of the game's stars, as well as a "printed" autograph somewhere on the apparel. The advantage of these items is that the silk-screener can design them by hand and thus help the signature stand out in an easily seen part of the clothing.

Then there are autographed baseball shirts worn by the very players themselves, otherwise known as autographed jerseys. Here, the appeal is obviously authenticity; Nolan Ryan, Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, and Don Mattingly only wore so many game jerseys in their time and left even fewer of them in good condition. One can only imagine how many jerseys belonging to legendary base-stealers such as Ricky Henderson or Vince Coleman are still in shape after absorbing hundreds of head-first slides.

The Market for Autographed Baseball Shirts

The buying, selling, and trading of autographed baseball shirts hinges just as much on quality as do cards and autographs. For some, there's nothing better than a ripped up, mud-streaked, tattered old uniform belonging to Charlie Hustle, Pete Rose. Other collectors would never dare hang a used-and-abused uniform on their walls, even if it belonged to Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig.

While the dirty-versus-clean debate is unlikely to be settled anytime soon, one thing is clear: the market for autographed baseball shirts is more robust today than ever before. Where memorabilia buffs once had to track down shirts and jerseys from novelty shops and curio stores, they can now hop online and in a matter of minutes locate a rare jersey they've always coveted. While these jerseys go for big money, it's nothing compared with the cost of a complete uniform, especially a signed and framed one.

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