Autographed Hockey Photos

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Autographed hockey photos run the gamut from individual player shots of slap shots and kick saves to team photos of championship squads. Those fond of team shots signed by each player on the roster typically must seek out "stamped" versions of these pictures, as there are limited numbers of group photos with authentic signatures. That doesn't mean, however, that they're impossible to locate.

The advent of internet commerce has led to a crop of collectibles sites, many of which offer hard-to-find memorabilia for a song. The reduction in overhead and personnel costs means that internet vendors can put items up for sale that would usually attract twice the dollar value at a convention or memorabilia show. These merchants make up for the reduced margins in sheer volume, as they no longer must spend hours at a time speaking face to face with their prospective customers.

More on Autographed Hockey Photos

One of the reasons team autographed hockey photos tend to dominate the collectibles landscape is that the NHL has done a relatively poor job of marketing its brand, which includes, obviously, its premier players. Ask the average sports fan to list off the top athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, even the PGA, and you'll get an exhaustive roster. Ask those same fans to name the five top scorers in professional hockey and you're likely to get a blank stare.

This is good news indeed for collectors of autographed hockey photos. The sport is today in a similar place that basketball and football were before their respective collectibles markets exploded. Still, for merchandise to fetch the same dollar values as those of its counterparts, the league will need to continue expanding into new markets and promote its top stars in more innovative ways.

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