Autographed Mets Baseballs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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It's fair to say there are a few autographed Mets baseballs that command more money than all the other Mets balls combined, namely those of the 1969 Miracle Mets and the 1986 championship team. Each squad lives on in MLB history for reasons of its own, but both victories were stunning in their own right. While the '69 team came into its series with the Baltimore Orioles as heavy underdogs, it was the '86 team that was on the brink of collapse before pulling out a miraculous win.

While there are other valuable autographed Mets baseballs, these two hold special places in the hearts of Shea Stadium's 57,000 faithful. The '68 ball, at least one signed by the entire team, includes signatures from then unheard-of Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Yogi Berra, and Jerry Koosman among others. That team has nothing on the '86 roster, though, which boasts Gary Carter, Dwight Gooden, Keith Hernandez, and Howard Johnson, each a superstar in his own right.

More on Autographed Mets Baseballs

Some collectors swear by the lone signature on the immaculate ball. To them, there is something pristine about an unsullied name scrawled alongside that red stitching that evokes a sense of classicism and timelessness. For others, the individual star will never outshine the total luminescence of a team with perfect chemistry. Neither hobbyist is "right"; the fact is that tastes differ.

Regardless of which school you belong to, any prized ball, be it that of a championship team or just the season's batting champion, deserves its own rightful home and elegant presentation. For this reason, baseball manufacturers produce a whole line of cases designed to house individual balls, 10 balls at a time, or even 15 to 20. Whether you're showcasing your favorite team-autographed Mets baseballs or a set of individual balls each signed by a different player, ball-holders are essential.

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