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Written by Gregg Ruais
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Football apparel companies have found that their target audience is men, ages 18-65. As a whole, this group enjoys football more than any other demographic. Resultantly, they buy the most team paraphernalia, and sports clothing companies gear their advertising towards them. However, designing sports gear for women and young children is profitable as well. Common items people buy include tee shirts, jackets, jerseys, sweatshirts, and baseball hats.

People who attend live games purchase the most football apparel, because fans enjoy supporting their teams by making stadiums look like seas of their teams' colors. Many golfers wear collared shirts that feature team emblems. On most NFL golf shirts, the logo is small, and people often wear these shirts to work in business casual environments.

Football Apparel for Women and Kids

Fathers enjoy dressing their kids as loyal followers of their daddies' favorite teams. Just about all NFL fans want their children to grow up watching football. Parents get their kids off to early starts by dressing infants and toddlers in football apparel. Kids tee shirts, shorts, jackets, hats, and socks make babies look like true fans. Chances are, they will end up watching football as much as their fathers.

Some women buy men's apparel. However, clothing companies have become politically correct by manufacturing NFL and College Football items designed specifically for women. While the number of females who follow football pales in comparison to the number of male fans, the women who do watch are every bit as ardent about their teams as men. As a result, makers of women's apparel have found a profitable niche market.

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