Nba Fans

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many sports columnists claim that true NBA fans, people who actually suffer from hoops withdrawal during the off-seasons, are a dying breed. These sports writers mean that the buzz that surrounded the NBA during the Bird-versus-Magic '80s and the Jordan-dominated '90s has diminished to an almost inaudible hum. Some statistics confirm this belief, while others suggest otherwise.

Television ratings show that fewer NBA fans currently tune into nationally televised games than during the Jordan era. It comes as no surprise that losing the most popular athlete in the history of mankind has hindered ratings. The fact that many NBA all-stars have been getting into trouble with the law hasn't helped the league's image either. Player behavior has definitely turned off some fans.

However, during the 2003-2004 season, the NBA set a new single-season attendance record, proving that people still enjoy watching live games. In addition, internet searches for NBA-related content have skyrocketed this summer, as fans from around the globe want to know the status of marquis free agents. Off-season player movement seems to generate more interest than regular season games.

Unhappy NBA Fans

Basketball purists often criticize NBA players for playing one-on-one ball, standing still without the ball, and poor shooting. NBA fans miss the days when teams regularly scored 100 points per game. Moreover, the NBA continues to add new teams to the league, which dilutes the talent pool and results in many poorly played games.

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