Nfl Collectibles

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Businesspeople, pigskin fans, and football players have different uses for NFL collectibles. Some people start businesses that focus solely on sports memorabilia. Football fans often buy items that have personal meaning for them. The players themselves also save NFL collectibles, usually as mementos from their playing days.

NFL Collectibles for Different People

Small business owners attend trade shows in various cities, hoping to find under-priced NFL memorabilia that they can resell for more money. One way they make money is by purchasing cards and autographs separately. For example, by purchasing a football card worth $50, and then paying a player $50 for his autograph on the card, a businessperson may then be able to resell that card for considerably more than $100.

Football fans often buy collectibles just because they like certain players and teams. Fans enjoy using flasks, travel mugs, blankets, and pillows that feature team logos. In addition, many people treasure autographs from their favorite players. Those who attend live games often ask athletes to sign their ticket stubs.

Players often keep NFL collectibles as keepsakes. Some players keep the actual footballs they held when they scored touchdowns. Other players save the gloves they wore during exceptional performances. Most of them never plan on selling these items. Instead, they pass them down to their children.

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