Nfl Fans

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Compared with other professional sports fans, NFL fans throw the best pre-game parties, cheer the loudest during games, and then celebrate wins with unparalleled zeal. The NFL season consists of only 16 regular season games, compared with 82 NBA games and 162 Major League Baseball games. Therefore, each football game counts much more than a single game in any other major American sport. Hockey, basketball, and baseball games occur nearly every night, which dilutes the importance of individual contests.

NFL fans have an entire week to read about upcoming games, listen to the players talk trash through the media, and hear what the coaches have to say about game strategy. By the time Sunday afternoon arrives, everyone is ready to rumble. People plan their days around games. Those who have tickets to game pack their coolers with ice, food, and drinks. They arrive at the stadium parking lots a few hours early to eat their lunches, enjoy a few cold ones, and socialize with other fans.

Earning Love from NFL Fans

One common trait that all NFL fans share is that they have strong opinions, especially about head coaches and quarterbacks. Fans jeer high-profile athletes who fail to perform. On the flip side, head coaches and quarterbacks who lead their teams to championships receive more adulation than professionals do in any other business.

Fans respect football players who play through pain in order to help their teams win. Moreover, football players who perform well in big games and pressure situations earn the admiration of their audiences. These athletes inspire fans to love them.

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