Nfl Football Helmets

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Most people think of NFL football helmets as protective headgear that the players need. However, many sports medicine doctors say the opposite. They claim that while helmets do prevent broken noses, chipped teeth, and black eyes, helmets may actually cause concussions. Helmet-on-helmet collisions often render players unconscious.

Anti-helmet doctors suggest that the NFL revert to the soft helmets worn during the early days of the NFL. One major setback of these antiquated NFL football helmets, however, is that they lack facemasks. Without adequate covering, players' faces would become mutilated during games and would most likely suffer irreparable damage.

Unless clear-cut medical evidence proves that the current NFL football helmets place players at risk, the rules will not change any time soon. Helmets have become part of the NFL's image. It's hard to imagine watching an NFL game in which nobody wore helmets. Helmets have become part of the NFL's lore. They remind people that these athletes are warriors who place themselves in harm's way for the love of competition.

NFL Football Helmets for Players and Fans

Some NFL players keep the helmets they wear as keepsakes. These players' achievements mean a lot to them, and they cherish their memories of game-day glory. Many fans also collect helmets. Authentic football helmets that feature star players' autographs make valuable collector's items.

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