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Written by Gregg Ruais
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An integral part of American culture, professional athletes represent more than what they accomplish on the playing fields, and accordingly, sports apparel has become more than just a means through which people support their teams. The media covers sports so extensively that fans associate superstar athletes with their public personas, not just their athleticism. Jerseys, t-shirts, and jackets that promote certain players endorse what those athletes stand for as people.

Wearing a throwback Larry Bird jersey, for example, means something very different from sporting an Allen Iverson jersey. People who pay a few hundred dollars for Indiana State (Bird's alma mater) number 33 jerseys probably value the working-class image that Bird portrayed during his 13-year-hall-of-fame career. Allen Iverson fans, on the other hand, enjoy the hip-hop aspect of the NBA.

In the past, people only wore the sports apparel that featured their favorite teams' logos. Today, however, young Americans usually opt for the jerseys of their favorite players, regardless of their allegiances to certain teams. New York Knicks fans often wear LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony jerseys, because those players are new to the scene.

Sports Apparel for Live Games

True sports fans love nothing more than watching games in person. In all team sports, the emotional support and energy provided by hometown fans make huge differences in the outcomes of games. By wearing sports apparel to live games, in addition to applauding and rooting, fans give their favorite teams meaningful psychological advantages over their competitors.

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