Sports Autographs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Sports autographs are some fans' most prized possessions. While people of all ages collect autographs, professional athletes' signatures have special meaning for kids. Children who grow up in households that watch sports want to be like their favorite players, who, to the kids, seem larger than life. Nothing excites young people more than meeting their heroes and receiving special souvenirs that commemorate those moments.

Some professional athletes make themselves very accessible to fans. Major League Baseball players often hang out after batting practices to sign baseballs for their young fans. While many players understandably set time limits on how long they can stay, the most generous players will sign autographs until their hands hurt and all their fans are satisfied.

Sports Autographs As Collectibles

Grownups often keep and treasure the sports autographs they attained when they were young. Although the signatures of hall-of-fame athletes appreciate in value over the years, many people choose to keep these items instead of selling them for a few thousand dollars. Some memories are invaluable.

Because some athletes have either deceased or made themselves less reachable for signings, collectors seek sports autographs at trade shows and online auctions. Businesspeople purchase autographs to resell them for profit. The value of an autograph may vary depending on where and when someone decides to sell it.

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