Sports Bobble Heads

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People buy sports bobble heads to pay tribute to their favorite players. These toys add different feels to people's homes than traditional sports decorations, which include jerseys, player photographs, and autographs. These other items have their places in sports lovers' basements, living room shelves, and bedrooms, but bobble heads have unique personalities all their own.

Sports bobble head collectors can line their dolls up side by side on shelves, creating walls of fame that consist of their favorite players. Sports bobble heads add comical touches to rooms, because the heads on these dolls are so disproportionate to their bodies. Collectors often try to purchase the bobble head dolls of all the star players on their favorite teams.

Because players often change teams, people who keep up-to-date collections end up with armies of smiling, bobbing heads. Sports bobble heads remind people of how their favorite teams have evolved over the years. Classic bobble heads may become collector's items one day.

Free Sports Bobble Heads

Some companies sell throwback bobble heads for fans who miss their favorite retired players. On occasion, basketball and baseball teams host special bobble-head nights, during which all spectators receive free bobble head dolls of former players. These items bring back great memories for those who remember how good some old school players really were.

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