Sports Collectibles

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some people can't imagine ever parting with their most prized sports collectibles. Parents often pass sports memorabilia down to their children, hoping that these items will become family heirlooms. They foresee their grandchildren's grandchildren holding Mickey Mantle or Larry Bird memorabilia close to their hearts as they do.

Prized Sports Collectibles

Many people display more passion for athletics than for anything else. Fans remember great moments in sports as vividly as any events that may happen in their lives. For ardent sports fans, few things bring greater joy than watching their favorite teams win championships.

I know I'll never forget watching the New York Giants' Superbowl run in 1991, when they defeated one of the greatest teams of all-time, Joe Montana's San Francisco 49ers, in the NFC Championship Game and then beat the Buffalo Bills in the Superbowl by one point. After both tightly contested victories, I felt pure elation. Although it's a small item, I still own a special edition Superbowl mug from that year.

Although some argue that professional athletes should not be considered role models, people, especially kids, idolize their favorite players. Because only a select few actually achieve athletic greatness, sports fans live vicariously through famous athletes. True sports fans really love their favorite teams, and, hence, value the sports collectibles that remind them of their heroes.

Sports Collectibles for Everyday Use

Not all sports collectibles have to be treasured like a Michael Jordan autographed basketball, which should never, ever, in a million years, be used on a playground. People buy small items for use in their offices or homes that serve as simple reminders of sports. Everyday items that people use include blankets, cups, pillows, and beanbags that feature team logos.

A purple and gold Los Angeles Lakers beanbag has a lot more personality than a plain chair. These types of items start conversations and make people's homes feel personalized. Street signs that support athletic teams make great decorations in sports fans' basements.

Working professionals often decorate their offices or cubicles with sports collectibles. Great athletes not only entertain but also inspire. Personality traits that pay off on the playing field, like determination, discipline, persistence, and passion, apply to other walks of life as well. Sports photographs, pens, and notepads remind people of these values and truly help them in their jobs.

Sports Collectibles and Team Loyalty

All real sports fans value loyalty. Although some people disagree with their best friends about sports and even despise their buddies' teams, sports fans respect people who stick with their teams through the good times and the bad. Nobody likes fair-weather fans, people who always cheer for the teams that have the best chances of winning. Many people buy sports collectibles, such as bumper stickers and license plates, to announce their undying devotion to certain franchises.

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