Sports Memorabilia Display Cases

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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It's hard to believe that sports memorabilia display cases could rival boxing gloves, figurines, and cards in overall popularity, but collectors are notoriously proud of their items. That means they often spare no expense when choosing their presentation and sometimes opt for extravagant cases that highlight their "babies." As a result, sports memorabilia display cases have become big business in their own right.

How does one justify spending 30 or 40 dollars on a case? Try 200 dollars instead! That's the price tag on a good multi-ball case, but before you roar with laughter or incredulity, consider what's inside. Mark McGwire's record-setting 70th home run ball fetched a whopping $3 million at auction. If you were the owner, you'd hardly bat an eyelash at spending an extra 200 bucks to show it off.

More Sports Memorabilia Display Cases

Ah, you say, but how many Mark McGwires are there? Well, to be honest, lots. There's the piece of horse hide that tied Babe Ruth's record and the one that broke it in addition to the famed 70th ball. There's the first ball he knocked out of Oakland Stadium, the first one drilled into the seats of Fenway, Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium ... well, you get the drift. Now multiply that number of balls by the number of first-tier athletes such as McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., and Roger Clemens, and you start to see how the display case industry survives.

Now consider that there's far more out there than just baseballs. There are ticket stubs, bats, football helmets, golf balls, and hockey pucks (among other things), all of which command exorbitant prices. Add it all up, and an investment in sports memorabilia display cases suddenly seems more like a smart move than a foolish one, especially if they do an adequate job of protecting your investments.

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