Basketball Goggles

Written by Rylee Newton
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When you play an indoor action sport, you still need to wear protective eyewear like basketball goggles. Believe it or not, eye injuries are a major problem for people who play sports like basketball, racquetball and even baseball. There is a lot of physical conflict in the game of basketball. Players go head to head in some pretty tight situations. Some of the top players in the world wear goggles to prevent things like scratches and cuts to the eye area.

You may have seen basketball goggles on players in the NBA. After suffering from the pain of an eye injury, most players find ways to avoid them in the future. It's too easy for a fingernail to scratch the surface of your eye to ignore the need for this type of protective eyewear. Many injuries can be prevented by simply wearing goggles or a shield over the eye area.

Why Choose Basketball Goggles Over Other Options

When you wear basketball goggles instead of glasses or other protective eyewear, you guarantee there's no way a finger can still get inside your frames. Goggles are not only snug, but they cover the entire eye area for complete protection. It's also very important to find goggles with lenses that won't shatter and a frame that can withstand a great deal of force. The last thing you want from protective eyewear is to sustain additional injuries from cracked lenses or shattered frames.

You can also find these goggles with prescription lenses. This is a great option for players who normally wear contacts on the basketball court. These goggles provide you with protection from injury while they provide you with assistance for your vision problems. When you buy eyewear, it's important to check with your supplier or manufacturer to make sure this option is available.

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