Bolle Golf Sun Glasses

Written by Rylee Newton
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Before Bolle golf sun glasses golfers simply wore general use sunglasses or used sunglasses for other outdoor sports. In 1991, Bolle changed all that when they introduced the first pair of golf sun glasses.

Bolle based their designs on interviews with professional athletes. These athletes shared their specific vision requirements, and expressed the ways in which general sunglasses were not meeting their performance needs. The end result was one of the most popular glasses among golfers around the world, and the beginning of an industry wide trend in sport specific sunglasses. Today Bolle golf sun glasses continue to lead the industry in some exciting new directions.

Standard Features of Bolle Golf Sun Glasses

All Bolle golf sun glasses feature 100% UV protection, and polycarbonate lenses. The former assures your protection against the harmful effects of the sun. The later protects your eye from shattered or cracked lenses, and also provides you with a virtually break free lens. Bolle eyewear also features thermal nose and temple grips that respond to heat by clinging to the surface of your skin. This is especially important for golfers who often experience slippage when they look down at the ball.

You can find golfing sunglasses at your local sporting goods store, or by searching online. Most models come with interchangeable lenses to meet different levels of light on the golf course. You can also customize your glasses to fit your prescription. This is an excellent option for people who are tired of worrying about their contact lenses on the green. When you wear quality, comfortable eye wear, you have more time to concentrate you efforts on performance.

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