Bolle Sun Glasses

Written by Rylee Newton
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With nearly 100 years in the business, Bolle sun glasses are some of the most popular eye wear in the world today. These glasses are perfect for anyone who participates in action sports like skiing, cycling, surfing, and endurance sports. Professional athletes and amateur athletes both swear by this line of protective, performance eye wear.

Bolle sun glasses have been tested to meet harsh environmental demands. They have also been tested to meet the physical demands of your sport. In fact, one of the unique features of Bolle eyewear is something called "Hydralon Frames." When frames are made of this material, they spring back into shape when there are bent or twisted. This makes your sun glasses virtually indestructible.

Standard Comfort Features of Bolle Sun Glasses

Bolle sun glasses also provide you with several standard comfort features. For example, most frames are built to stay in place when you begin to sweat. Nose and temple pads are made with hydrophilic materials that actually react to moisture by sticking clinging to the surface of your skin. Most models also feature ventilation devices that provide you with an anti-fog protection. This is important when it comes to high impact, high-speed sports, where visibility is crucial.

Sunglasses from Bolle provide 100% ultra violet protection. This is crucial for sports with greater exposure to the sun's rays, such as skiing, and water sports. Many models also feature several different lenses, which can be switched out depending on the levels of sunlight present.

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