Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you love the feeling of the open road but you worry about wearing contacts, you may want to look into prescription motorcycle goggles. When you ride a motorcycle, you are much more vulnerable to traffic, road conditions and the rain, smog and extreme heat. When you need the fastest reaction time, you don't want have to worry about the field of vision in your motorcycle goggles.

When you buy eyewear for any sport, it's always a good idea to find glasses and goggles that are made with polycarbonate lenses. This is especially true for people who ride motorcycles. Polycarbonate ensures you lenses against cracking or chipping from things like flying rock. These lenses are extremely durable, and have been tested to meet the highest level of resistance to environmental factors.

Ensure a Smooth Ride with Prescription Motorcycle Goggles

Another important consideration when looking for prescription motorcycle goggles is to find a goggle with wrap around frames. This ensures debris and other particles don't get inside your lenses while you're driving. When you expose yourself to the sun's harmful ray's you also need to find goggles that offer 100% UV protection. There's no sense in protecting your vision, if you don't protect it properly.

People who wear contact lenses tout the many benefits of wearing prescription motorcycle goggles. When you wear contacts, you have to worry about things getting in them and slowing you down. Many contact lens wearers find themselves making routine maintenance stops to clean and hydrate their eyes. With prescription goggles, you get the vision benefits of contacts without all the fuss.

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