Smith Mainline Sun Glasses

Written by Rylee Newton
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Smith Mainline sun glasses are one of the best multi-sports glasses on the market today. These glasses are so versatile you can switch out the lenses depending on the type of sports you're participating in that day. Like Smith ski goggles, these sun glasses come with some of the latest innovations in sun protection, and durability.

Why buy a different pair of sun glasses for different sports, when you can get the same performance from just one pair? You don't have to when you buy eyewear like Smith Mainline sun glasses. They come with three different lenses for the different outdoor conditions you face every day. These glasses are ideal for people who participate in activities such as alpine skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking just to name a few applications,

Smith Mainline Sun Glasses, Built for the Long Haul

When you purchase Smith Mainline sun glasses you get exceptional comfort and durability. These glasses are made with quality components that stand up to all kinds of different outdoor conditions, including snow, rain, and extremely bright sunlight. In fact, these glasses are built with 100% protection from damaging ultra violet rays.

You can view these sun glasses at your local sporting goods store, or by logging onto the Internet. You can even customize your lenses to fit any prescription. For people with decreased vision, this makes for a noticeable difference in performance. These lenses also guaranteed to be distortion free, for added visibility. You will notice the rubberized nose and temple pads make for excellent fit and low slippage. All these comfort features give you more time to concentrate on your performance.

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