Smith Turbo Goggles

Written by Rylee Newton
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When you're looking for professional grade ski goggles, you can't beat the performance of Smith Turbo goggles. This is the line used by professional skiers and snow boarders around the world. When you buy eyewear you can settle for many goggles that provide fog protection, UV protection and comfort, but the Smith Turbo series offers the best of everything.

Smith Turbo goggles feature the latest innovation in fog protection. You won't just get a pair of goggles with an anti-fog coating; these goggles have an anti-fog system. You will actually find a built-in electric fan in these goggles. This fan is made using the latest technology to provide you with instant fog clearing without having to hear a buzzing fan in your ears all day.

Smith Turbo Goggles: When You Demand the Very Best

Smith Turbo goggles also have several features that make them one of the most comfortable goggles on the market today. When you design a pair of goggles for Olympic athletes and professional athletes alike you use the highest-grade materials, least abrasive materials available. These goggles feature ultra soft foam for the area where the goggles and the skin meet. This provides not only a tight seal, but also prevents red rings around the eyes and other skin irritations.

The Turbo series from Smith features a larger lens area for maximum visibility. This also makes it easier to fit your prescription glasses under these goggles. This is a great option for people who hate the discomfort and dryness that comes from wearing contact lenses on the ski slopes. The frame has been tested to withstand a great deal of impact. This means you won't have to replace these goggles any time soon.

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