Snow Goggles

Written by Rylee Newton
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Whether you're a skier, a snow boarder, or you just want to spend an afternoon on your snow mobile, it's a good idea to protect your eyes with a quality pair of snow goggles. When you spend an afternoon in the snow, your eyes are exposed to dangerous UV rays. Over time you can burn the lids of your eyes, and with long-term exposure you can even damage your sight.

When you buy eyewear it's always a good idea to find snow goggles and sunglasses that provided 100% UV protection. This is an affordable option that ensures your eyes won't be damaged by the sun. You really can't afford to spend an afternoon in the snow without wearing these. As you probably know, snow is one of the most reflective surfaces for the sun's rays.

What to Look for in Snow Goggles

When you wear snow goggles, it's a good idea to find ones made with durable lenses. This is especially important for people who participate in action sports where their equipment is subject to cracking or shattering. You don't want to take a fall and have pieces of your goggles getting into your eyes or scratching up your face. One of the best materials for lens durability is polycarbonate. Goggles with this type of lens have stood up to all kinds of extreme testing and passed with flying colors.

No matter what brings you to the snow, it's always a good idea to protect your eyes and your face from harsh conditions. Besides protecting your eyes from the sun, you also want to protect your vision while you are performing. You don't want to compromise your performance or your safety because you purchased low-grade sunglasses or goggles.

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