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Written by Sierra Rein
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Ancient Hawaiians would probably be surprised to see how far their valued tradition of surfing has come. From the Polynesian islands, this time-honored craft has spread to the shores of Australia, California, and other far-reaching parts of the globe. It is now an extremely popular sport among coastline cities. Some famous surfers from the early 20th century include George Freeth, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku, Doc Ball, Woody Brown, Eva Fletcher, and Peter Cole.

The first surfers of yesteryear had to cut down their own trees and learn how to carefully shape their own surfboards. Today, the process of acquiring a surfboard is much easier. Modern surfers need only a computer and an online connection to shop for the surfboards of their dreams.

Shopping for Surfboards Online

If you know your surfing style and experience level, it should be a simple thing to purchase a surfboard online. You must also know the type of surf you are more likely to ride in order to differentiate which board you will need in the long term. If you do not have these pieces of information, you should probably contact a surfing instructor or expert and discuss with him or her the type and size of board you will need to buy.

Many online surfing sites have detailed information about board styles that are designed for certain wave types and speeds. For example, one can choose from short boards, long boards, and foam or hollow wooden boards. These can be shaped with a number of different tail types, including squash/square tails, fish/swallow tails, and round/pin tails. Finally, a surfer has the option of fitting one, two, or three fins on his board to help stabilize the board while it is flying over the surface of the water.

Other Items to Purchase through Online Surfboard Sites

One can also purchase a number of surfing accessories online. For example, a surfer may wish to purchase a new fin for his board after years of wear and tear have split or damaged his current one. Those who hate to lose their boards after a tough wave will also want to purchase ankle leashes and leash plugs to keep their boards within reach at all times. Finally, surfboard owners can choose to purchase masking tape, graphic pens, resin hardener, bristle brushes, fiberglass cloth, and a variety of other tools to design, decorate, and repair their own boards at home.

Before completing an order for surfboards online, take care to read all the fine print regarding company policy. Returns and refunds, as well as warranty promises, must be understood completely before any money is exchanged. Most custom surfboard builders demand a non-refundable deposit for each order, so be sure to make your selection carefully before sending your money. A majority of Internet surfboard merchants accept credit cards and Paypal accounts as payment, while a few can also make arrangements for money orders or personal checks to be accepted in the mail.

Buying Custom Surfboards Online

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing surfboards through an online site is the ability to order custom-designed boards. Many airbrush artists are hired by surfboard companies to use their talents on a case-by-case basis. The customer can then choose the make, size, and model board he likes, then pay an extra fee to have a beautiful piece of art painted on it.

Most online surfboard sites will have examples of the kind of art uploaded for anyone to see. Special orders of new designs are usually welcome, especially if the customer can email the design to the artist directly. In addition to outside designs, some surfboard building companies will also build custom shaped surfboards from scratch. This service usually requires a deposit, and must be accompanied by a set of clear and detailed instructions.

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