Used Surfboards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Professional and expert surfers usually choose to purchase brand new or only minimally used surfboards for the sport. They typically leave the moderate and extremely used boards to beginners who wish to learn or those who cannot afford new ones. However, many surfboard enthusiasts also love buying and collecting vintage used surfboards as well. Some boards from the early 20th century can fetch a very good price (even up to several thousand dollars) at an auction or antique store.

One can purchase non-collectible used surfboards from many different sources. Coastal cities with large surfing populations are likely to have a number of new and used surf shops to scour. Sporting goods stores are also good places to look, even if located in a land-locked area. Finally, many people choose to purchase used surfboards on the Internet, where they can also find great shipping deals, accessories, and a number of other money-saving opportunities.

How to Buy Used Surfboards

If you are buying a used surfboard in person, be sure to check it for soft spots, cracks, and loose fins. Check the rails (or edges) of the board, the top of the deck, and the fins for any damage and signs of wear and tear. If you can, ask the original owner about any history of damage or repairs, and be sure you know how to make any necessary repairs yourself if the need arises.

Unfortunately, a hands-on examination of used surfboards cannot take place while shopping for them online. In this case, it is best to do your shopping through a trusted surfboard company with a long history of experience in the surfboard trade. Double check all warranty policies and the bottom line on returns. Also, make sure that they will be responsible for any damage caused during shipping.

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