Childrens Swim Gear

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Your child's health is important, and picking swim gear for your family can be a chance to make sure your children are safe as well as happy. Every child loves to mess around in the water, and increasingly they love to look great too, while they're doing it. One thing they'll never think about is safety, so you have to do that for them.

Not all children's swim gear is created equal. It is all mostly colorful and stylish, and made to appeal to children's tastes. But as a responsible parent, it is up to you to ask the questions while you're buying children's swim gear so that, as far as possible, you make sure your child stays safe in the water. In case you're thinking that your child will only be swimming in your home pool, and what can happen there, you should be aware that most children's injuries happen in accidents at home!

It's Not Just a Question of Children's Swim Gear

Drowning kills more than 1,000 children under the age of 14 every year, and for every child who drowns, at least another 20 are admitted to emergency rooms because they almost drowned. Of course you want to protect your child, and we have a few suggestions for common sense precautions to help you in that quest. Once you've ensured that you have the correct children's swim gear, such as well -fitting swimsuits, and safety rings if they need them, along with goggles to help protect delicate eyes from pool water, please pay attention to the following.

For very small children, of course they should never be in or around the pool without adult supervision. So make sure that you remove all toys and playthings from the pool area when they have finished swimming so that they're not tempted to go back in to get something they left behind. Even if your child has all the right swim gear and can swim well, accidents can still happen, especially when many children are playing together, so make sure that it's a cardinal rule in your home that small children are never allowed to play in the water alone, under any circumstances.

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