Rubber Swim Fins

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Many of the swim fins on sale today are made from some kind of plastic. Rubber swim fins are better quality and are more comfortable to wear. You will be able to tell whether the rubber swim fins you're buying are, in fact, pure rubber by how soft they are. If they're not as soft as you'd expect, then they're most likely a rubber compound and not pure rubber at all.

Pure rubber swim fins enable a greater degree of ankle flexibility. There are short bladed and long bladed rubber swim fins that each have a different purpose. Good rubber swim fins of any design can provide an excellent degree of cardiovascular exercise, plus a great workout for the whole leg.

What Rubber Swim Fins Can Do for You

Repeated use of rubber swim fins extends the muscles of the foot and legs, improving swimming ability. All good swimmers can extend their toes right down. They have a much greater degree of flexibility than the average person, and rubber swim fins can help to develop this.

If you doubt how great the impact of rubber swim fins can be to your swimming progress, consider this: wearing fins is exercise for the legs in exactly the same way as lifting weights is to the arms. Because the larger surface area of the rubber swim fins increases the resistance in the water, it's like lifting a large weight. Be sure to pick a good design of rubber swim fin that will ensure exercise to the muscles of the whole leg and not just the muscles of the lower leg though, so you get the maximum benefit.

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