Speedo Fastskin

Written by Patricia Skinner
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After years of research and development, Speedo, the makers of the world's best swim gear, succeeded in producing a product that is far superior to their other leading product, the Speedo Aquablade. They had set out to produce swimwear that not only improved the performance of swimmers, but looks and feels like no other range on the market. To begin with, they studied what makes sharks, the fastest creatures in the deep, so fast.

The Secret's in the Indentations

The secret, they discovered, to its speed in the water are tiny little v-shaped indentations in the shark's skin. Speedo has now developed a fabric that so closely resembles sharkskin it was able to shave 7.5 percent off the timing of professional swimmers and reduce drag by around 3 percent. This alone make Speedo Fastskin worth your attention.

But Speedo Fastskin doesn't stop there in its task of making you more efficient and more comfortable when you're in the water. Speedo Fastskin's unique seeming has the remarkable ability to enable better muscle coordination, further enhancing performance. Muscles work in groups and Speedo Fastskin helps those muscles to connect with its seeming and paneling.

To develop this amazing system, Speedo observed the movements of athletes, recording their actions and muscle movements, they were able to produce garments that provide supreme fit and comfort. Now, you can benefit from the abilities of Speedo Fastskin, no matter what your favorite water sport. Speedo Fastskin comes in a complete range of garments for water sports in your size and color.

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